Driving agri-food system innovations

At Intagris we are driven by passion for a redesigned agri-food system that is sustainable, equitable and regenerative. This asks for integrated interventions at various levels of the global agri-food system. Our vision follows a complete ‘farm to gut’ approach in developing and deploying innovative solutions that are scalable and adaptive. Our services and products are rooted in traditional wisdom and are backed by contemporary scientific discoveries.

About Us

We are a young start-up headquartered in greater Zurich area with outreach across the globe. We bank on over 20 years of first-hand experience in science and technology from field to lab surpassing disciplinary and geographic boundaries. A reliable and extensive network in 25 countries ranging from industry, research and development organisations, policy institutions, as well as farmers and farmer producer organisations (FPOs), enables us to offer a wide range of products and services. Valorisation of knowledge and experience gained in premium research institutions such as ETH Zürich imparts us advantage of staying at the cutting edge of innovation development. We are inspired by the ambition to put that knowledge into practice.

Our values

Global good

We firmly believe in- and follow the principles of circular economy. Respecting the planetary boundaries, we make every effort to protect and regenerate natural resources by minimising waste and maximising the reuse, recycling and upcycling of natural products.

Health and wellbeing

We are committed to novel, authentic, and wholesome foods and no empty calories. Our food products are packed with natural nutrients and serve important health functions in the human body. We cherish maximisation of health and happiness of our valuable consumers.

Farmers first

Farmers – the stewards of our agri-food system – deserve solidarity from our society. A large proportion of our food is produced by small and marginal farmers whose livelihoods are increasingly challenged by global changes. At Intagris, we are committed to investing in the improvement of the livelihoods of smallholder farming families.

Intagris provides services and products spanning across the agri-food value chain. We offer customised solutions – come work with us.

Research for Development

We conduct on-station, on-farm as well as in-silico research of high international standards to generate knowledge and to develop as well as evaluate agricultural technologies. Our projects have a clear application potential with a particular attention to the needs of smallholder farming. We have substantial experience of reviewing multi-disciplinary and multistakeholder international projects, proposals and reports.


Communication and engagement

Scaling up of sustainable solutions is not achievable without proactive communication between science, policy, and society. We offer workshops, trainings, public awareness programs and inspirational events. We also develop interactive tools and literature for communicating know-how to a wide range of audiences.

At Intagris, we are developing products spanning across the agri-food value chain. Our products are aimed at enhancing health, wellbeing and promote natural harmony. We are committed to respecting the planetary boundaries.

We offer Swiss Quality Products 🇨🇭

Agricultural inputs

We harvest what we sow. We are developing agricultural inputs that are ecological and effective.
At Intagris, we care for nature.

Non-food products

We are developing non-food products that are environment friendly and contribute to an improved quality of life.
At Intagris, we care for the environment.

Functional foods

Scientific studies demonstrate direct links between consumption patterns and various health challenges facing our society. At Intagris, we are developing functional food products that nurture human health, immunity, and longevity. We proudly present vegetarian and vegan products that do not mimic meat.
At Intagris, we care for health.

Intagris – your natural partner for quality products and dependable research services


What They Say

For us it is important to work with an organisation that shares our passion for agriculture and works efficiently and goal oriented. We chose Intagris AG to implement an international agricultural research project and we find them most reliable and consistently excellent performer. Moreover, it’s a joy to work with them.

Mr. K. Schatzmann Managing Director, Aqua Alimenta

I find the team at Intagris highly skilled and competent in science communication with great know-how and drive for capacity development. Working with Intagris is creative and inspiring.

Dr. A. Sharma Extension and Training expert

Collaborating with Intagris offered me an exceptional learning opportunity. The backstopping and the feedback that I receive for my project are crystal clear. Most importantly, my inputs are carefully considered and valued. It's highly motivating to work with Intagris team.

Ms. S. Sucharita Research Scholar

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